In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.


Jan 1561 – Apr 1626 - was an English philosopher, scientist, jurist, orator, who argued for the possibility of scientific knowledge based only upon inductive reasoning. He argued this could be achieved by use of a sceptical and methodical approach.

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If you like to check us out, if you think that you need to be sure if we could be your Thinking Partners, then test us as a trial.

  • Book a time and date with us
  • We will come by to your place
  • We will give you 3 hours of our time ,Thinking with you
  • Trail Sessions cost RM 399.00 for 3 hours – Available only in Selangor, Malaysia
  • Thinking could be in any area of business – Non-Technical
  • Thinking can be with any number of people at 1 time – Not exceeding 6 people

In every Q Thinking we have done with our clients, we find that it certainly does give them some fresh, new insights to spring board from, some ideas to contend with, some enlightenment at the least. And at times the solutions, the answers they were looking for. Yet in some instances, we admit many of our clients remain unresolved, perturbed even further perplexed.

Then there are times, maybe a few weeks later we get a call from our ‘unresolved’ clients saying “Aha, we now see the Aha moment”.

We think therefore rather than charging a full professional fee for our time, we propose a fairer deal, a Trial Session. This is when our clients call us in for a Trail session. This trail is as true as how Q Thinking can get – no compromises.

For this they pay only a small amount of RM399.00 for a 3-hour session with us. After this we either get hired with a full fee or we never hear from them ever again

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Our many clients consistently tell us that they feel more confident in their decisions and better able to focus on real action that advances their work . This is of course after they have done some collaborative thinking with us.

We are sure, we would be hearing the same from you once you have given us an opportunity to be part of your thinking.

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To change, you must first see the posibilities.

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Today your company and business personality is your brand, is about people, your people.



Your most powerful business distinction and influence is the engineering of its expression.



It’s no surprise that economic success, for businesses depends on how digitally spread are they.