True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.


c. 470 – 399 BC - was a classical Greek (Athenian) philosopher credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy and as being the first moral philosopher of the western ethical tradition of thought.

Q Thinking

Our Speciality Areas

There comes a time when you need to fundamentally reinvent your business. Q THINKERS is a hybrid strategy firm, that helps companies whose businesses are flat, declining, undifferentiated or commoditized to stand out and renew growth.

We ask questions to challenge your thinking,  broaden perspectives, define possibilities.

We can offer our thinking.


Brand Personality

The most important element of your brand is its personality, when we speak of a brand’s personality, we are describing the way a brand expresses and represents itself. Just like a person, your company’s brand has a unique personality, and how people connect with your brand has a huge impact on whether or not they want to do business with you. A distinct brand personality can make your brand appear to stand apart from your competition.

Brands much like humans, have certain personality traits. The personification of a brand that evokes certain emotions in customers is what builds brand equity. Brand personality is not applicable just to large corporations; this branding strategy can help small businesses and start-ups as well.

We can think together Brand Personality for your business.


Creative Expression

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”. This quote tells us a beholding truth in today’s business world. That you should be able to ‘make’ your business rather than leaving it as a snapshot. In making you express what you do, why you do what you, and why someone should rely on you to be authentic, this is the edge we provide you with.

In creative expression you show colour, stamina, mindset, promise, trust, team spirit, strength, agility and emotions. Expressing your business starts with framing a theme of creativity at same time using the principles and practices of business. It is a dance of attraction, like the dance of a peacock

This could be the time we sat together to think, how we can express your business, creatively.


Digital Dominance

From power stations to factories, thermostats to smartphones, information to entertainment, the world is driven—and controlled—by digital technology. We know that most companies are increasing their digital budget that’s no secret, but the question is, how far are digital initiatives adopted taking companies in the strive for digital excellence?

In the age we live in, companies need to create a competitive advantage by mastering their digital presence and customer engagement. Being digital and strengthening your brand in the digital space is essential to becoming future proof. Digital dominance helps your business to stay ahead of the competition and be the winner in your industry everytime.

We will wait for your cue, tell us when you will like to get together, to think dominance.


More Thinking

We can do a whole lot more thinking, we know we have sound ideas and solutions to the challenges you have running in your head. We are available for HR matters, marketing, team work, leadership, customer matters, design, you tell us.

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To change, you must first see the posibilities.


Today your company and business personality is your brand, is about people, your people.



Your most powerful business distinction and influence is the engineering of its expression.



It’s no surprise that economic success, for businesses depends on how digitally spread are they.