Thinking: the talking of the soul with itself.


428/427 - 348/347 bce. Ancient Greek philosopher, student of Socrates, teacher of Aristotle and founder of the Academy, best known as the innovator of the written dialogue and dialectic forms in philosophy, an author of philosophical works of unparalleled influence.

We Are QThinkers

Q Thinkers is a thinking consultancy. 30 years of unpicking common business challenges with simple, uncommon sense

What We Do

Our expertise is focused on our core specialism of organizational brand personality strategy, persuasive expression, technology platforms and creative content. We brainstorm with businesses, private equity firms and start-ups to create competitive advantage and drive growth. 70% of our work is with existing clients who have challenged us for some 20 over years. Together we form a partnership of complementary specialists with a desire to find solutions

We speak solutions with our clients that are different, opinionated, yet practical and above all deployable

We know collaborative thinking; collaborative intelligence really, creates new opportunities. With the right insights and the right ideas, any one of those opportunities has the potential to grow your business.

We’re are agile thinkers, we’re 42 people, ambitious for clients, and optimistic for the world

Why We Do What We Do

It has come to us that when you find an opportunity to change, to create, to transform, to innovate, to contribute for the better, for the best, then the only thing to do is to partake. to indulge, to be involved. Today, more then ever before ordinary communities of business thinkers are changing, just about everything. We wanted to be part of the same ride, for the same reasons.

Why Us

It’s all about how you think of making something work. Most of the time it’s really simple. Many strategic plans fail to get executed for a simple reason – too much complexity. It’s all a matter of maintaining a balance between left and right brain thinking. The ground rules for achieving simplicity is to communicate content, not process.

 This is what we do, this is why us

Our Manifesto

We will think, you can think with us

The client is always right, unless we tell them they are dead wrong

Our best ideas may not come out of a brainstorm session. You should see what we come up with when we are alone in the shower.

We do not think outside the box, we throw away the boxes

Our culture is sacred to us, if you don’t fit don’t ask us to change

Every one says they get results for clients, we are the ones who actually deliver

We believe no 1 goose knows the whole migration route. Collectively between us, we do.

Being a Q Thinker, is a state of mind

Clients don’t rely on us for answers. They hire us for our questions

We want our clients to inspire us, to awe us, to challenge us, and not to forget to pay us.

To change, you must first see the posibilities.


Today your company and business personality is your brand, is about people, your people.



Your most powerful business distinction and influence is the engineering of its expression.



It’s no surprise that economic success, for businesses depends on how digitally spread are they.